Be… Just a Thought

“Be – Don’t try to Become.” ~ Osho

ImageI find it interesting how some shut out the world while others seemingly let it in. Also I find it curious how the world, the universe, suddenly opens our ears to listen. I’ve had this experience recently, when moving along in my daily routine I’m suddenly stopped with thought. These thoughts occur often, but this time with a pronounced voice; a profound clarity. I awakened.

Life moves quickly, without stopping, without pause. Like a constant tumbling weed, flying past the landscape in motion with its windy companion. The Winds of the earth drive the tumbleweed on until it can go no further. It lands where it’s supposed to land, bounces and rolls as it’s guided to do. Are we not so different? Do we not bounce and roll with our lives? And when do we decide to pause? When do we decide to stand firm against the wind? To lean headlong into its mighty gust?

We all do this.. We are guided by forces beyond our sight, above our ears and unknown to our minds. These guiding forces come to us when we call them. When we manifest their powers, when we need a push, a nudge or even a voice.

I’ve found that listening to the world opens up a broad and heightened sense of living. It gives me promise to know that the world is also listening, waiting in silent space to speak and be heard.

In all travels, it is important to remember the way; the way back to the sacred. We must all find this path eventually, whether in this life or another. This path begs us to be; to be our true self, not our persona, not our mask, not our neighbor. Once we learn how to “Be” we then can move into a place of peace, no matter where our feet stand.

In travels, we enter into ourselves. When we move far from home, we feel both empowered and scared; alive and saddened; fearful yet hopeful. We can experience all compliments of life this way when we look inward; into a sphere of self, a sphere of being.

In this life, we all enter into many spheres. We come to new places, new views. Sometimes we revisit old places, familiar scenery. Other times we follow our hearts, and we may come to both a new and familiar place. This is all I hope for in life, for those to find comfort and sanctuary; harmony and concord with being. And let’s all face it… “Being” is often a trial. But it only feels this way on the surface.

Being is very much a reality of our own choices, and at the same instant, caused by the pressure of colliding forces unseen, unthought, and unknowable.

Being is life, and it is death. It is living, it is birth, and it is daily breath. Realize this and.. Be alive, Just simply be… And you will surely Become.

Lands of Life

Image“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” ~ Augustine of Hippo

I often think about traveling, moving. The destination, whether here or there, makes little difference. The reason is simple. This reason dwells upon wanting to move, to have motion; a motion of life.. an active involvement in the pursuit of a goal, a desire or a dream. This way is my own, one of a nomad, a soul that travels the Earth connecting with every step to every piece of ground it finds itself on. No matter where I find my feet, I am home. This is my sphere, and I am its traveler.

Many strive to connect with their surroundings. Some pay little attention where they dwell. Others are well aware of the harmony they feel in a special place. Why do we live where we live? What do you love, hold dear about where you live? What keeps you there? Many could not answer these simple questions. But the answers are simple. Our lands speak in a quiet voice, they hold our steps, allow us waters to drink and nourishment for our weary bodies. The land gives us life, and in return only hopes that we are kind travelers, treading lightly and only taking what is needed, never wasteful. We should be gracious and place a warm hand against the cold membrane of hard crust and smile. Then if we are so in tune to feel the joy that the world whispers back…We may hear it saying one simple thing… Thank you for traveling here.

We can be intrepid in life, traveling here, there. Living here, or there. But we must remain eternally aware of our surroundings. We must strive to make good our promise to the land. A promise as stewards, to care for the small bushes and the large rivers alike. These things are not here for our fancy, not placed purposely as scenery. They are a mirror to our own self, our minds and hearts; a reflection of creation, alive in and around us all.

On a quiet walk we can see the sphere of our lands, the wind parting the grass. In a quiet place we can feel the tremble of our feet upon the ground, the rumble of the Earth beneath our feet. In our hearts we can find the sphere of creation, and to think we somehow are set apart from this wonderful place is nothing more than arrogant. Man is nature, the spirit of the land dwells within the soul. We must care for our Earthly home, as it cares after us all.

No matter where we travel, our home is our place of peace. It should not be treated as a slovenly shanty. This home of ours should be decorated as a palace for kings, cleaned and washed for all to see its shimmering radiance. From miles away we need only stand still to see the simple beauty of our home. It’s a place of many dimensions, both eloquent and arrogant; simply beautiful.

We all must tread with great care on this sphere, under our blanket of stars. This space is our home, and decorated with wonders that many fail to ever see or realize. Take a look at your world and see what it truly is. As we look, we find how blessed we are to have this precious life.. to be a part of such majesty. This is our sphere.

All men walk the Earth, on these lands of life. As we do, we are never alone. Never separate from the spirit of all that is. How do we know this?…. All the stars in heaven shine upon men as they walk the Earth. For our ancient home truly follows us throughout our travels, throughout our lives; never failing, shining brightly to light and guide our hearts.

Be Quiet

Image“The true genius shudders at incompleteness — imperfection — and usually prefers silence to saying the something which is not everything that should be said.” ~ Edgar Allen Poe 

The quiet ones are known to the world. These silent wayfarers keeping to their own, walking in harmony and disharmony. My world is quiet, though loud at times with silence. What is it to be quiet? It is a center, a source for wisdom and clarity, for observation and understanding, for seeing life and becoming truth.

Many say that the introvert is a shy person, one who is too subdued by fear to let himself be known. This is far from true. The quiet one walks with purpose, because he knows his purpose. He readily contemplates his place in the world at every turn, silently. He bothers nobody, he talks little, but when speaking… he is heard. His voice is soft, but his words are loud, powerful and deafening to the mind. He speaks with purpose, because that is his only way. Have diligence to hear the quiet ones, for they speak with truth.

The truth resides in a silent place.. a fervent sphere of hushed tranquility. A quiet man lives in this quiet sphere. It is harmonious, loving and nurturing. It is a bubble of solitude, from which many truths are revealed and contemplated. Life is born in this soft spoken drum of muffled noise, and only becomes louder with time. Those who can drown out the noise, muffle the clash of harsh language and boring idiom are those who can see the world in clarity. Without prejudice the quiet sphere calms the heart and nourishes the soul. This place of peace should be visited often.

Do not shun the quiet ones. For their lack of charisma is only a persona. Instead, learn from the silent, speak to the mute. These silent sages are intrepid in their quest for knowledge and truth, for peace and concord with nature. They walk with closed mouths but open hearts. Careful to let their voice be heard, and cautious to stand with others. For they know the masses hear only the noise, the crash of painful language and phrase.

In a quiet sphere I sit often, watching, listening, contemplating and feeling… mostly feeling. This is a place without fear, with only introspection and reflection as a guide. It nurtures the soul, it broadens the mind and fills the heart with truth and muse. It is a sanctuary among the noise, above the loud world which so many become trapped in. It is a solitude for the mighty, for the voiceless stewards of the world.

The greatest minds are those that appear quiet. These are the great writers, poets, screen actors, artists and all others who give their lives, baring the soul; accenting our world, giving light to its already beautiful and elegant form. They see the world, and speak with their pens, their brushes, their lines.. they give life to an otherwise boring tide of stillness. They prefer silence, because it speaks to them. So should we take lesson.

Seek out a quiet place. Become quiet only to hear the silence for the first time. This is truly listening to your own soul. For the silence, as quiet as it may appear, will be the most trumpeting sound you may ever know.

To Become


“They both listened silently to the water, which to them was not just water, but the voice of life, the voice of Being, the voice of perpetual Becoming.” ~ Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

I saw a picture of the above photo the other day as a social media post. I stopped and stared at it for a long while. It made me feel, it made me listen and it made me hear the sound of my own true voice; the drum of my soul.

What does it mean to become? Why would becoming hurt? Why would this resonate so deeply with me? These questions are trivial at best, moreover it is the feeling that trumps the question even as I ask myself why. This sphere is quite unequaled, singular. It stands alone in both thought and feeling. The act of becoming must hurt, because it is the true pattern. It is the original form; the gestalt of creation and the act of growth.

Think about life and all moments of growth and realization. Some of these are sweet and full of joy. These moments where you have epiphany, when we see the truth set apart from all that is. We stand in wonder and smile at our new found fruits. We bask in our discovery; we are happy to have found this innocence of life shining vibrantly for our eyes to witness.

Other times these moments hurt. They pang, they sting. But these are the most important. These moments of facing the true self are often the most painful, when we see ourselves set apart from all that is, our true face and feelings revealed; this is the nakedness of soul, this is accepting who we are and all of our faults when shown to us. This becoming is painful, yet necessary to achieve brilliance; to become a star.

We are all perhaps at our very essence a splintered point of perfect awareness yet not realized. An imperfect being becoming perfect again, on the path to realizing perfection, growing, walking and traveling back to the singularity, to the origin of all that is. This path must contain all the foils of becoming that exist.

A perfect being must become, he must grow, he must mistake, he must hurt, and he must face himself. Otherwise he cannot become, he cannot grow, he will never know he is truly divine unless he hurts, unless he faces himself; his imperfection personified by toil and mud. He must look upon the waters and see his reflection, his imperfection; otherwise, how would he ever know he is?

In this sphere we must all realize, becoming is truth. Pain accompanies strength, and we must all grow toward this point. Without becoming we have no growth. We are stagnant, still and unmoving. Life does not continue. We must strive to become, to feel our soul when it stings, to hear our heart when it sounds the drum, and to do our work to become our true self; to embody our soul.

The sun still hurts, it is still becoming, and though the light shines bright and gives life… one day, again, it will become all that is.. once again together with the whole. Though it appears separate, it always is part of the whole; a whole that “becomes” in unison, alongside it.

The sun may become as we do.. We become slowly, and we become in a flash, in a sudden violent explosion of light, love and vibration. This energy, this becoming, is both painful and soothing, both comfort and sadness; hard and soft, dark and light. It is the way of the divine; of the angel growing his wings and soaring above the universe.

Today… begin to become. Feel the pain, and the joy. Feel life.

Jump.. Revisited

Pardon me while I reflect for a moment………………….

In the summer of 2012, I was immersed in my writing just as I had been since the beginning of the year. I was perfecting the last revisions to my book “SPHERE(S) Pondering With the Heartmind.” During that time I was diligently writing on this blog, as I found it to help along with the writing and editing process. A few regular followers may remember my second blog that I began as a companion to this page, just another form of expressing more intricate thoughts and feelings. Well.. That page was left alone for a year and a half until now. I recently read the first post that I wrote on my “Ebb & Flow” blog.. which I’ve included below.. and my words brought me back to that time, that thought and that feeling.. I now remember where I was headed.

Reasons exist why things must be left alone for a time, only to come back to them later. I now recall why I wrote this post, as things in my life were beginning to change. I hope you all enjoy it:



“Sometimes, if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge and lean over to watch the river slipping slowly away beneath you, you will suddenly know everything there is to be known.”  ~Winnie the Pooh

The river has long been a symbol of life, as it moves continuously, bending, twisting, rising and falling over the land that it travels through. Without this constant flow, this constant change, we would have static; a life of void.

What is to be known about life? Is there even an answer to the mystery that causes men to go mad with endless questions? Is there a paradox within the many questions that we ask? Stand on the low rail and you’ll begin to see the simplicity.

To perform a constant search for the truth is just the same as thinking you’ve found the answer. Both are futile acts at best. Though searching for answers, finding insight and witnessing synchronicities are amazing ventures, we must never focus on a final goal. We are born into a circle of life, an infinite loop of being and spirit, ultimately connected to the very Earth on which we stand. Even more, we’re connected to the air that we breathe, and to the empty space that we occupy. This is the goal, to live, to be alive and realize it. Water moves through its channel in the river, ever flowing towards where? It doesn’t matter and the river certainly doesn’t question itself or its direction… it’s the only place it’s ever been and it’s heading to the only place it will ever go… just like you.

Basically, there is nothing to figure out. You already know how to live. You don’t need to know where you’re going because you’ll eventually be there one day. Simply enjoy the journey.

In life, two things remain clear: It is the erratic ebb and flow of life that moves us all around and over the rocks and mud of the world. We have only choices to make on how we handle this ebb and flow; how we steer through the pitch of waves and how we part the thickness of foam.

You can be the cork bobbing up and down, or you can be the man swimming with the current. We can flow with life or struggle against it; but you must be in the river to be alive. You must engage in life. You’ll only watch the river go by from standing near either shore. The river bank remains still as life goes by.

Choose to jump into the swift moving river.. this is life. Choose to jump into life, and you’ll soon realize many truths.



Cosmic Truth.. Open the Door


“Three things cannot remain long hidden: The Sun, the Moon, and the Truth.” ~ Buddha 

Thought, ideas, science, intuition, faith, religion, common sense, feeling and truth. These are all tools by which human beings form their opinions, live their lives, form and govern ethics and ideals and follow their dreams. Over millennia, these forms of interpretation change, some have long remained the same. One long standing interpretation of life rests in ancient astrology, or simply by watching closely the movements of heavenly bodies. Truth has often been found among the stars; the heavenly asterisms that move and pull at our lives.

No matter your beliefs, many have long thought that the universe is a mirror to the life of a human being; from thought to action, birth to death. With this comes great skepticism. How could the movement or position of a star, planet or comet affect life, thought, action or biorhythm? Well, I ask simply, how could it not? Are these entities not part of our life, our sphere? Yes indeed they are, and they deserve exploration with both heart and mind. Truth is prevalent in all machinations of existence, it only rests on our shelf to be sought out and found.

This year, the awaited 2014 has already begun with the new moon on the first day of the calendar year, culminating with the new moon at the very end of the month, ushering in what some believe as the year of great change and a revealing of truth. Great energy is abundant and gives muse to all things creative. This energy should be harnessed in the beginning of the year, to set intentions, clear away obstacles and begin the approach to living in tune; in synch, in harmony with all life.

Whether or not horoscopes play a part in your life, or any variation of astrological prediction or meaning, this is a time to seek the truth within. This is a time to turn inward and open the heart; to break free of vices and doubt, to open the divine source encoded in us all.

Our lives depend on each single being realizing these truths, opening both the mind and the heart to the light of all others. Though we may not see this light visually, our heart sees with perfect vision into the essence of all being. We should both listen and feel this grand chorus of harmony, sing along and attune our lives to its vibration. The toll of life will be great without this reasoning ringing out in all who may hear it. For life and for peace we should close our eyes, quiet our minds, open our hearts and hear this great message.

Truth can be found in the most hidden places, or among the most obvious places of right living. We live in both rightous and unrighteous times, and our choice to walk in either direction is prevalent at every second in our waking lives. We live by how we perceive the world to be. We live within a sphere of truth, it is our home. Yet.. so many pass its wonders by, oblivious to the sweetness of what this truth can bring or bestow upon all men.

Today, turn your thoughts inward. Realize what truths you’ve found, and ask yourself what truth you wish to find. What is most important to you? Set the intention on finding these divine pieces of life in this time of high energy… and just maybe, the year will bring forth and open up these gifts for you.

This has been a thought within the sphere of truth. Creation begins before the footprints of thought are set. Open the door to these footprints, and find your truth along the path.


Living Intentions

Image“Intention is one of the most powerful forces there is. What you mean when you do a thing will always determine the outcome. The law creates the world.” ~Brenna Yovanoff

Intention.. The word itself is interesting, as it is considered a noun. However, this word can be regarded as an action, or a prelude to a specific action or set of actions. Intention is in a sphere all its own. We harvest our lives based on our intention. Our intention sets our feet in place on a path. Intention shapes our decisions, actions and ideas. Intentions are the first footprints of goals, dreams and achievements. But… so little attention is paid to intention. It is given little thought. But, this basic intention is much more complex.

We all have intentions when we open our eyes in the morning. We “intend” to do specific things, get things in order, run errands, finish that novel.. etc. We all have different intentions; some noble, some not-so-noble, some cruel, some genuinely kind. These intentions begin as thoughts, desires, needs and necessities; and we go about our lives achieving things through first “intending.”Though this seems like a concept that any child could understand… we still barely understand what our intentions can manifest. 

A first intention can be subtle, or it can be a powerful feeling. It can bring thoughts of wild wonder, or a sense of comfort. This is only a small part of the power of intention. When we intend, we are–in effect–pledging our desires; projecting our ideas, needs, goals and aspirations to the world, to the universe. Setting the intention, and being aware of this silent pledge, can bring everything we need directly to us. We must only awaken to the nature of allowing the fruits of our intentions to be recognized.

Setting an intention, whether it be for love, money, careers, education or anything should be a deliberate action. It should be a ritual; a meditation. For when we deliberately intend, and allow our needs to be recognized, we then are on the first stepping stone to achieving our goal. In this moment, we are projecting out our desires.. We must harmonize with the world when we set our intentions. These simple fore-thoughts have the power to shape every decision we make after the intent is established.

Intentions should be harmonious with our world, with the lives of others, and in good graces with our own mental, spiritual and physical health. That which promotes the well-being of all is the most noble of intentions, and the most humbling, and the most genuine. We should all set out intentions everyday, as a waking ritual; a morning gift to the world. 

We all set our intentions, but we must be in tune; in clarity and in unison with what our intentions can bring. Make your intention in the heart first, the mind second, and see the light of the world grow brighter with every action thereafter.

A Conscious Conscience

Image“Poverty calls us to sow hope…. Poverty is the flesh of the poor Jesus, in that child who is hungry, in the one who is sick, in those unjust social structures.” ~ Pope Francis

So it certainly seems as though we’ve come a long way as a people; from the days of being at mercy of the elements to now as we manipulate and control their effect on our lives. But have we come far enough collectively? Spiritually? Have we truly progressed as a people? In the season of winter, in the spirit of Christmas as we approach the Twelfth Night, have we changed for the better? Or have we become subdued by the commercial consumeristic nature of men?

Recently, the words of Pope Francis sting my mind with a sense of clarity and of hope; for consciousness to shift higher than ever known… if only the people of the world will take heart to hear a message of truth. A message to the world was delivered upon Christmas Eve, on a night where most of the world is filled with joy, in the arms of family. In my opinion, this simple message was a call to awaken and bear witness to the reality of the world before it becomes too dark to see. No matter if it was a message to Christians, Jews, Muslims or any other religion.. it was a message to the people of the world, and we all should kindly open our ears and our hearts.

It is illogical and impractical to live as we do; full of greed, want and desire. This desire for material gain has plagued the world for centuries, and only has become worse with every passing year, with every new gadget constructed, with every new “advance” in technology, and with every new law passed. These material things are superficial, they are irrelevant; only deemed necessary by society, counting on the people to believe that they need them.

Why must we live in such a vast world with such abundance to be shared, where so many have so little, and so few have so much? This question plagues my mind every single day as I pass by those on the street, bundled in rags and torn blankets. Some stay quiet with their heads buried in their chests, savoring what little warmth they can steal. Others hold out a hand, asking for a bit of help, a small gesture of kindness or even just a slice of bread. These are our people, our silently overlooked brothers and sisters, that outnumber the rich by thousands.

They say you can judge a culture by the actions of its people. But what of a culture’s inaction? Does this weigh on the opinion of others? Or is it just a sad truth? The fact remains that this is indeed a truth, and a reality that could be changed if our people care enough to see it be so.

It is time for a change in not only consciousness, but of conscience as well. We should strive to foster a conscious conscience, one that sees life and all people with the heart, and not the eyes alone; one that cares little for the next version of the iphone, or the latest electronic mind numbing gadget, but cares only for the well-being of his neighbors.

While still living in the spirit of the holiday season, at the coming of the new year, challenge yourself to see past the smoke of consumer driven madness. Look away from these things that are considered “valuable” and “necessary.” Realize that only love and compassion for all beings is what true fortune is. It does not hide in possessions, money, fame or status. True fortune; true happiness lives within the human spirit, and the key to unlocking this great power is already in your hand.

If we all take the time to wake from these dreams of sparkly desire, we may just save our brothers… and ourselves.

~Happy Holidays~


Image“I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen, dead from a bough, without ever having felt sorry for itself.” ~ D.H. Lawrence

Much can be said about the sphere of human nature. Moreover, one can contrast and compare what we view in the wild to how human beings behave. In viewing this with pure vision we find a stark contrast. Wild things are acutely aware of their environment. We are acutely aware of ourselves instinctively. The wild things live by instinct, but only human beings are capable of living in self-pity… as far as we know. 

Not only are we capable of feeling this self-sorrow, we also easily become absorbed in ourselves. We worry about what is next.. for us only, not our neighbor. We dwell on our past experiences, wishing for change.. because we think it would make our own lives better in some backwards logic. We look at our reflections and study our flaws. We’re as bold and forthright as Narcissus himself. Our thoughts are consumed with self, and very rarely concerned with our immediate place in the world, how our thoughts, decisions and actions affect everything and everyone around us.

Here, in the age of the “selfie” we’re brought to a place where our outward images are worth tenfold more than our hearts. It is by this standard that we are judged by others. We are labeled as beautiful or ugly by simple images alone. This action broadens the sphere of carnality; a sphere which contains both desire and contempt, attraction and repulsion. We take pictures of ourselves alone, mainly in front of a bathroom mirror for what? To show our “Selves” off to others, seeking a reaction, hoping for approval and praise? This is the world we have created, and shamefully it is the world we’ve allowed to thrive. 

I do not care for a selfish world, as most people would probably agree. And.. I do believe this sphere of self is escapable. It is by embracing the art of dying; realizing that this, right now, is the moment that you exist, and death matters not, the future matters not and the past has already been. Life is real, the self is false. The wild things do not fear for the future nor fret for the past. Nor are these creatures troubled by their shortcomings or worry about what the other creatures think. This is not natural behavior for them, but it seems so natural for us… but, is it natural or is it an illusion; a fog of reality that we’ve come to believe is true?

These constructs require us to be artful in our approach to living in harmony with one another. This art is letting go of fear, and realizing that all that exists is moving to a convergence of singularity. It is fretting not about what is beyond our control, and realizing that only our thoughts, actions and decisions are in our control… nothing else. It is understanding that that which exists beyond the boundary of human understanding is the absolute, it is the truth.. it is God, it is the divine, it is the grand song of the universe.

The self that we think we know, is nothing more than a construct; a mechanically tuned avatar that we have made for only one purpose. It is for our own peculiar viewing pleasure and nothing more. We can be consumed by it, or we can become aware of the true self.. the heart, the soul, the natural points of divine awareness that we are; all emanating from the same divine source, and simultaneously finding our paths back home.

In this sphere, the sage does not ask the universe bend to his will, he does not regret, he does not wish for things or have fear of unknowns. He simply embraces his gifts, however small they may be.. and never does he ask for pity. To him, self-pity is a senseless waste of time and energy. He understands that pity and worry are both like sitting in a rocking chair; you use energy and occupy your time, but you’re still going nowhere.

I do realize it may take a complete and drastic shift in human consciousness for all men and women to see beyond the illusion of self.. Or, perhaps just the simple realization that love and altruism are highly preferred over the egocentric and anthropocentric culture we’ve come to let thrive. I, and many others hope that this will come to pass.. but it is up to us to allow our thoughts to set forth our intention.

As the wildfire is born with a simple spark, all great change begins with a simple thought.


I, Me, Mine

Image“When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.” ~ Cree Indian Prophecy

I often wonder about what this world would be like with the absence of money. And further, not just the absence of it, but without even the slightest thought of its being. This means not only no money, but no comprehension of the word itself. What does this mean? Perhaps no concept of value at all would exist, or worth. But what is worth? Nothing more than a degree of value. And what is value? This, in the sphere of fruit is called desire.

We live in a commercialized world. Life itself is commercialized. Existence is commercialized. We are born into debt that we have no comprehension of. We die leaving our debts behind, in hopes that someone can afford to bury our spent bodies. This existence of pennies is brought about by the human animal, in his desire for “things.”

Things are simply objects. We place value on these objects. We work for things; for objects. And yet we all die with our things by our side, on our shelves, only unable to take them with us. They either collect dust when we’ve gone, or become someone else’s “property.” The clinging to things is what creates our separation from divinity. We should learn to un-cling.

These objects we cling to so tightly, when viewed at the highest level of consciousness are nothing more than lumps of matter in various forms. They all contain a variety of properties and an array of colors, setting them apart from other objects. We also view these things in terms of usefulness. But then, our degree of usefulness is another degree of worth… and that again is another degree of value. To a sage, a lump of clay would be more useful than a bar of gold. But to a person of high wisdom, a rock, a lump of clay and a bar of gold hold no difference whatsoever. He knows this because he doesn’t cling to any of them. They simply exist alongside him as does everything else.

I’m reminded of the Bhagavad Gita many times, and its many references to the clinging nature of men. All men cling to something. Whether this is fame, fortune and glory, or lust, envy, and greed. Some cling to love, others to darkness. When we learn to let go of all of these things, whether physical in nature or intangible in thought, we then perhaps may see the truth of the universe; the truth of what divine spirit truly is.

We do not fight for the divine spirit in this commercialized world… But we fight for resources, we fight for land and we fight for “religious” freedom. But these things, these objects of desire, cause our own demise. To some they may be noble ventures, to further the value and prosperity of the nation. To me they are fruits of desire, and when eaten will continue the cycle of gluttony.

Try walking about without seeing anything that you “want”, or an attention grabbing advertisement enticing you to spend your money on some “thing” that you’re now convinced that you “need.” This is nearly an impossible task. Even while walking around the natural world, free from the billboards and lights of the city, we will come across objects that we “want.” Whether this be a rock or a sapling, or even an animal to be “kept” for a pet.

In the sphere of fruits we learn how we truly see the world. We don’t see the light of others shining in unison with our own, we only see the reward for our efforts; the objects of our desire; the fruits of our labor. But what is our labor? Does it define us?

Try this: Ever thought of working for free? Because you simply enjoy what you do? Doing a work for no compensation whatsoever? Ever imagine a world where nobody is paid for any effort? This to many is a concept so foreign that it cannot be fathomed.

Enjoy the sphere of fruits while you can, but remember they and this entire world would be better enjoyed without wanting; free from desire. What we take from the world, we only take from ourselves.

In all spheres, the idea of “mine” should become a foreign concept to a wise man.

Happy Labor Day