Life in Contrast


A little awareness of contrast goes a long way..

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IMG_2353“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” ― John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America

Contrast is part of life, and we truly live in a life of contrast. However, what appears to us as strikingly different, what appears to us as a simple juxtaposition of black and white are really two of the same. It is within the one shade that we can find two.

We should all explore the contrast as it applies to our lives. We artists use contrast to evoke distinction and clarity within a piece. We writers use contrast to shade the personality of a character against his peers, his struggles or in completion of his goal. Within one form, we can always find two, contrasted throughout time.

Contrast dances in unison with one purpose. This simplicity differentiates the part from the whole…

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“Without love, our earth is a tomb” ― Robert Browning

A person feels many things. We feel our own feelings well, along with the feelings of others through subtle vibration. Through our hearts we cultivate and empower empathy, compassion and reason for those near to us. But, we also feel the world. We feel the call of those far away voices that we cannot hear with ears alone. This sensation is a low rumble in the heartmind, but it surely can be felt through a sphere of simple awareness.

I say we all can feel the call of the world. We feel its pain, its joy and its blanket of thought, chaotic at times, as the noise of emotion crashes and penetrates us. But, even though we may not be completely aware of it, the world is completely aware of us.

Despite the desire for peace, it is apparent that the world cries. The world is sad. It is scared.

I feel it easily. I feel how so many even in the face of peaceful desires are wrenched with disgust, tormented by fear and pained by the atrocity that looms across the globe.

We are all beacons of emotion. We put out into the world what we desire, what we wish and how we feel. We do this with the heart. This magnificent center of power pulsates with the soul and speaks to ether. We are broadcasting our most intimate emotions and desires at all times.

In times of hardship, we must all come back to the center, to the singularity of life. This is the singularity of love. It is the only power strong enough to mute the pain that the world feels collectively. We must resonate with this loving vibration if we are to live together in this sphere.

To hear the call of the world is a blessing. To hear those distant soft hearts wishing for peace brings a true duty to us all to help in any way possible. We can do this in many ways.

We must start within. We must resonate with the vibration of love, peace and compassion. Only from within can we help others. We can do this not only through heartfelt words and prayers, but through simple thought and rightful intention.

Always remain aware that what we feel, we project. What we project affects others, even though we may not realize it at the time.

Be the center for quiet love in the house of your heart and mind. This will transcend the woes of the world and heal the wounds of all.

Resonate, and free the world.

Lessons in Color


Coloring my thoughts a bit today.. Enjoy :)

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IMG_2316“Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. ”
Oscar Wilde

Color is a precious thing. People don’t fully understand it. This deserves exploration.

Color is the phenomenon of light. It is the quality of light that we see, but this saturation of light is so much more.

Color tempts the eyes, opens the mind and rattles emotion. For the artist, color, shade and hue are all tools to convey his message. Just as the writer paints with words breathing life into a story, the artist colors the life of his work so it may speak to the world.

We can learn a lot from color. We can see the light reflected, changing the spectrum of our minds. Our mind is a prism, filtering light through, coloring the depths of our imagination, stirring our dreams and…

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Change of seasons from winter to summer

“An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.” ― Hāfez

Change lives in the constant sphere of transformation. In this, transformation is life. We all transform, we all grow, we all change. It is only the basic understanding of this that most people care to know. But, in this sphere, we should be diligent to look deeper.

What changes? Everything.

The tide, the moon, the seasons, the air that we breathe and the cells in our body are constantly, moving, changing, shifting and becoming different. Life is becoming different.

Even emotion. The emotion you’re feeling right now is changing, evolving, growing. Even as I write these words my thoughts and emotions are constantly moving, being born and receding, making way for other thoughts and emotions. We cannot stay in the same place. We are change.

I can recall the first time I walked across a fast moving river. It was hard to stand up straight. It was difficult to move, to step forward and to maintain balance. This is the perfect example for standing still within constant change, within the sphere of transformation.

We cannot stop the force that changes us, the force that changes our world and our lives.

In standing still, I could feel the constant power of the water flowing around me. It never stopped, it never slowed. Its motion was ever constant, ever flowing, ever changing.

People are often resilient to change. We enjoy being comfortable, we like to know what we know, and leave it at that. We want no surprises and we desire our lives to be comfortable within an ever changing body and an ever changing world. This is foolish. We must all embrace transformation.

To cross the river of change is a challenge. The other side is close, but the journey is not one met without strength. And, to stand still while within the constant power of change leaves no room for error. We must allow ourselves to flow with the waters of this transformation. We must realize the change that flows around us and within us all, especially when we try to stand against it.

To awaken the heart is to transform. We become the change that we live and that which we desire. It is from within that we are able to flow outward through all change.

Change is the law. It is the universal constant. We change emotionally, physically and spiritually at all times, every second of every day, within every beat of our hearts.

Stand within the river of change, and be aware of its waters. Transform and live.

Lessons in Darkness

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IMG_2285“Light can only be understood with the wisdom of darkness.”
Ka Chinery, Perceptions from the Photon Frequency

What can we learn from darkness? One can learn more than just a simple lesson. We can learn many truths from this absence of light.

In many ways, darkness is a paradox. You cannot truly see it, because it is dark. It is non-light. It is black, but blackness as well emits a fraction of light. Only through the emptiness of mind can it be understood.

Darkness can be used. It is used in the shadows of great art. It is used in elements of suspense in writing. It can be conveyed through the skills of great actors, musicians and dancers. Darkness plays a role in creation, and it is a part of our everyday waking lives.

It is only within darkness can we know the light. It is only through…

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Fear of Life


“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

I cannot help but to speak my mind here. As we are all aware of the love in the world, we are all certainly aware of the evil that lives alongside us every day. My heart is sad for all those brutally killed in Paris. My love and thoughts are with those who lost their dear ones, their friends and their family. I hope that in their bereavement they are to find hope and peace. I pray that they do not find fear.

I try to tell myself that there just can’t be this much hatred and darkness in the world. I try to convince myself that hope still exists for mankind. But what is this word, mankind? Is man truly kind to anything? A person is kind at times. But, are we collectively a kind species, or are we afraid of ourselves? Are we so afraid of life that we cannot live in peace?

In the wake of the horrible attacks in Paris, it seems that people have thrown their frustrations and fears once again into the wide world of social media. My news-feed is trumped with hateful posts condemning all Muslims, condemnation of Islam as a whole, and vows of vengeance and retaliation fill the air, the news and the radio.

American states revoke or do not want the acceptance of any Syrian refugees. People buy guns, ammunition and stay glued to their news media for more information on the unfolding terror. ISIS vows to attack America in Washington, spreading its reign of hellfire across the globe until only Islam remains.

This is the world we live in. This is the world that we have created for ourselves, believe it or don’t.

This is the fear of life. It is caused from thousands of years of religious persecution on all sides, prejudice and blind ego; wars are created and fought in the name of God, countries taken, slaves taken, people are burned, shot and beheaded and resources are seized all in the name of the most high. Those who fight this way know nothing of God, nothing of spirit and nothing of peace. These men only know terror, vengeance and fear.

They are too afraid of life to live peacefully.

Some buy into the fear. Some vow to fight back. Opinions of differing views cause rifts within families and friendships. This further isolates us from one another. The more fear we accept, the more we project fear onto each other and out into the world. We are silently causing our own demise, through this fear of life.

We must not fear life. This is no way for any sentient being to live. Once we become fearful, we change. We change the energy within and around us. We become a negative vibration. We become a tuning fork for more fear, more carnage and more madness. We are unknowingly tuning into chaos, becoming rage. We become everything that the merciless enemies of the world want us to become. We become like them through this fear of life.

Stay vigilant through the darkness and seek only light. Replace fear with hope.

My hope remains strong for all people. In my heart, I believe there to be far more love and light in the world than what we may see or hear about today. Only in the hearts of many will we find the peace that we all truly seek in life.

Do not fear life and never fear the light even in the darkness. Embrace it and shine.

Prayers of love and peace for all.


4945175_A Course in Miracles

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ~Albert Einstein

I think a lot about the nuances of life, the little moments that go unnoticed, the heart and the spaces in our world that so many miss seeing or experiencing. I think about them and I enjoy writing about them. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences mostly, and in my life I’ve come to learn a few things that I personally take as truth. One of these is alive within the sphere of miracles.

It is true, life is a miracle. And, to believe in your heart that life in itself is miraculous, is to believe that miracles do indeed exist. This simple belief is what makes miracles happen. This is the thoughtform that creates a beautiful experience. With this belief void, life is void of sweetness.

I’ve taken many road-trips in my time; traveling to a place unknown and yet to be visited. Along these journeys I look out at the world and see many things. I see the landscape shift, buckle and change. Flat spans of grass become rolling hills. Green rolling hills become rocky, rugged and dry. Buttes rise and fall from the horizon. Tall yellow pines are replaced by the pinion pine and the juniper, then by the cactus and the Joshua Tree. The snow-capped peaks come into view off in the distance. And as the sun sets, I’m left in a mystical wonder of my world.

As I set my eyes on the landscape wherever I stand, I’m always reminded of how beautiful life truly is. The simple miracle of light as it plays songs of color off of orange-red rocks shows me this truth. The purple hue of the horizon as it holds the brightness of the first evening star is proof of this divine miracle.

We must all take lessons from the eloquence and arrogance of nature. This is the miracle, and these are the compliments of life written for us to see and witness each day. They are proof that we are all miracles of creation, and for us to realize this is only the beginning of a great journey; a journey that leads back home to the first flame, to the source of all creation.

But what is this miracle for you? We must all realize that our truths will always be different. They cannot be weighed or measured or compared. What I find in my waking life will be much different than anyone else. My truths will never mirror the truths of others, but we must all find our own, just as we must all find our own way.

The life we know is only the beginning. So much more waits to be sought out, found, smiled upon and embraced. These are the great marvels of life hidden along the paths we walk each day. They are the miracles of creation, and the creation of miracles.

It is true.. Seek and ye shall find.

Muse Your Moment


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“She smiled and said with an ecstatic air: “It shines like a little diamond”,
“What does?”
“This moment. It is round, it hangs in empty space like a little diamond; I am eternal.” ― Jean-Paul Sartre, The Age of Reason

Inspiration. Where does it emanate from? From what source does the muse originate? How do we find it as we stare at the blank page, or gaze deeply into the white canvas?

It is said that each day we are given a moment, just a solitary point of awareness within a fleeting second where we can choose to capture the flame, where we can choose to see our heart and its desire. This is the moment where we capture our muse.

The muse comes in many forms. It can arise from one line we may read in a book, or through the emotion we witness around us. A person…

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Dwell On It


“I know for sure that what we dwell on is who we become” ~ Oprah Winfrey

Twists, turns, changes, gifts and new challenges; this is life. Often we are brought these things. They happen when we least expect it. Those looking for love find it when they’re not looking. Those looking to catch a break finally do in the midst of struggle. Those who think everything is fine suddenly come upon a fork in the road. We will these things to us through intention, hope, doubt and dwelling. We ask silently, and the universe answers. The universe answers loudly, but only when the time is perfect. A sphere of timing is always at play. We should dwell on this a moment.

Over time, I have sought out many things only to come up short. I’ve tried many options, and have failed many times over. Many people can claim the same. But one thing that I’ve learned, desires do not meet us when we force them. Timing is off when our hearts are out of tune. True desires, dreams and passions are met when the heart beats in tune with divine creation, when the will is steadfast, true and righteous.

You cannot script life. And truth be told, the best things in life are not scripted, planned or orchestrated. It is through the connection with all things that pervades, through the fabric of universal timing where we find our gifts, our blessings and our treasures.

One road leads to many, and many roads all lead to one. The paths are all set forth for us to follow, to find and to step upon when the time is perfect. The path will never be fully clear, fully recognizable, or even fully understood, but it is there. It is here, it is here now exactly where you stand.

As many paths cross others, we meet others along our journey. As to why, we may never know. But I believe that every face, every voice, every touch and every pair of eyes I look into has been placed on my path for my knowledge, for my challenge and as my gift. Whether these others bring with them kindness, deceit, love, or wisdom, they are all here for us.

We all have lessons to give, to learn and to share. It is through our crossings where we meet our true selves and our clearest reflections.

Take solace in the arms of universal time. Dwell on passions, ideals and love. Will into being those who will surround you with these things on your path. It is through this heartfelt desire where we find our greatest truths and our truest loves.

The life we all wish is just a thought away. Touch your heart to the waters of the universe, and watch the ripple begin.